Residents at Anchor’s Sandholme Fold enjoying a visit from Lightcliffe Junior School pupils for Care Home Open Day.
Image from Care Home Open Day UK.

From BBQs and morning teas to fetes and fancy dress parties, we are encouraging care homes across the Commonwealth to organise fun activities and throw open their doors to their local communities as part of Care Home Open Day.

This established international initiative already sees care homes in the UK, Australia and South Africa welcoming the public and arranging events and activities that help to create lasting links between care home residents and their local communities.

Some care homes invite local schools for intergenerational activities while others celebrate the arts with special exhibitions and performances or invite speakers.

In 2018, Care Open Home Day will take place on 21 April, Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday and with a theme of ‘Linking Communities’, it is a great way to break down stereotypes and bring people together.

And not just bring people together in your immediate local community – you may like to link to the international community!

Take the NAPA challenge with a food journey around the Commonwealth or link the event to the Commonwealth Big Lunches.

We’re encouraging more care homes and retirement communities in Commonwealth countries to involve staff, residents and their families in making this day the most successful yet.

Links to Care Homes Open Day across the Commonwealth

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